Pigeon Paradise

The Customer

Pigeon Paradise, in short PIPA, is the worldwide market leader in online auctioning of high-quality pigeons. They act as trader both online and offline, via public auctions. Next to that, pigeon fanciers find up-to-date news on the digital platform.

The Challenge

Over the years, PIPA successfully transformed its traditional auction business into a thriving online auction enterprise. In order to provide a truly great user experience to a fast growing target group of bidders, we were asked to help with the build of a new, future-proof platform.

The Quest

Datamaze became the wingman of PIPA’s IT team for 12 months, supporting them with the following tasks:

  • Outlining the platform’s architecture, frameworks and technologies after extensive analysis
  • Implementing the new platform
  • Migrating all data from the old platform (users, auctions…)
  • Keeping systems updated and synced with the ERP-system

The Result

A state-of-the-art auction platform, with the potential for worldwide participation. The new system is user-friendly, efficient and allows real-time bidding for all stakeholders. The possibility to place a bid on each page should contribute towards an even better buying experience. Thanks to the topnotch technologies used, the features can easily be extended in the future.

Link: PIPA auctions

Technologies used

  1. Drupal 8 as our platform framework.
  2. Nodejs + socket.io as foundation for creating the real-time UI interaction .
  3. Vuejs for building the rich UI components.