Openbare Verkopen

The Customer

Openbare Verkopen is an auction office, specialized in bankruptcy and liquidation stock. The company organizes auctions, assessments and for financial institutions, administrators, curators, liquidator, public notaries and court bailiffs.

The Challenge

The existing Drupal auction platform was outdated and had a number of unacceptable deficiencies. The users indicated that they missed some important features and struggled with some system errors. Due to performance problems, the users experience was inadequate during peak moments.

For employees, organising an auction was very labour-intensive. Simple task like entering lots and images to auctions or processing payments and invoices were too time-consuming.

The Quest

Reinforced by the inside-knowledge of our client, we mapped all business requirements and opportunities. Based on this input, we decided to refine the existing architecture by rebuilding the most vital parts. Once this system structure was up and running, we integrated new features and functionalities such as bulk lot import and an automatic invoice and payment handling system to simplify the management of the website.

The Result

A straightforward, modern-day, fast and user-friendly auction platform that does the trick for all stakeholders..

Technologies used

  1. Drupal 7 as our platform framework.
  2. Nodejs + as foundation for creating the real-time UI interaction .